Hazel’s Story

Hazel’s Story


The helplessness of my soul

Hazel Wang

My family moved to Canada in August 1998, and in the second year after arriving my neighbour invited me to go to a Mother’s Day special meeting at the Pacific Mandarin Church in Port Moody. That was my first time attending a church activity. During the meeting, the speaker did not talk very much about sin and salvation. However, at the end of the meeting, he asked, “Does anyone here want to receive the Lord Jesus Christ to be their Saviour? He will guide you and walk with you unto eternal life. If you want to receive Him, please raise your hand from your seat. We will pray for you.”

When I repeated these words in my heart, “He will guide me and walk with me unto eternal life,” very quickly I thought, “This Person promises to be forever with me, to help me, and to never forsake me.” No one in this world has the power and authority to say that, so the question was, “Who is he?” The answer to that question came to me, “The Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour, only He has power and authority to give this promise.” Another question came to me, “Do I need to do anything to receive him?” No, the word was only “receive Him” – nothing else was required on my part. It was a free offer for me to receive Him to help me. But why would He do that for me? Why does He love me? Why does He promise me eternal life? That is amazing love I cannot find in this world.

My mind quickly went over the 35 years of my life. I thought of people with their different problems and of my own. No one could keep themselves from sorrow and death. At that moment I confessed to Him that I was limited, helpless, and all of my works were vanity. I no longer wanted to be continually trying to run my own life. “Why not just take it, for it is free gift and it will not harm me,” I told myself. Then I said to Him, “Lord, I am tired and want your help; now I open my heart, please come into my life and save me.”

When the speaker asked a second time, “Whoever wants to receive Him, please raise your hand,” I raised my hand. The next day, someone visited and gave me a bible, and told me to read it daily, verse by verse, book by book.

Since that time I have had the assurance that He gives me. Whatever the situation may be, He will not leave me alone because I have received Him, and He indwells me. I am simply trusting and reading the bible daily. I find that God uses His Word to speak to me and guide me. He is faithful, and I rejoice in Him. Salvation is of the LORD! We give thanks to Him.